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Ash Tandon, 37 Reiki Master

fitness water

I got my kangen machine 5 months ago mainly because I have always had health problems including asthma, general tiredness, not enough energy and mental tiredness too!! 
Even after a couple of days of drinking kangen water I noticed an improvement with my asthma. After 5 weeks my asthma symptoms had disappeared and I no longer had the need for any of my inhalers!

I also now have loads of energy and feel alert. Even when I have been training at the gym I noticed I have more energy to do a better workout. 

It’s really changed my life and I would definitely recommend getting a kangen machine to all my friends for general good health and prevention of disease. 

Also my dad, 76 yrs old, has had high blood pressure for years and after drinking the water it has gone back to normal!! And, that was checked after just 4 weeks! 

It really is life changing water for all the family. 

fitness water