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Sam Witter, Celebrity personal trainer

fitness water

I met with Kate and Damian from Fitness Water, who educated me about the benefits of drinking alkaline water and I decided to trial their Kangen Water system for two weeks.
The very first thing I noticed was the soft, pleasant taste with no chemically afternote. I was warned about the initial side-effects of detoxification and, indeed, for the first few days I was going to the toilet a lot more and I developed headaches.


However, I also realised that I was thirsty a lot more often which had to be my body craving more of the Kangen water. After two days, as the headaches dwindled away, I began to feel more alert and focussed and my energy levels soared. My muscles hurt less after training and, just two weeks into the trial, I competed in the Greater Manchester Cycle (all fifty-two miles of it!) managing the best average speed I have ever done and the only difference to my training routine was the Kangen water. 


From my own experience I now realise that most of us do not really appreciate the importance of drinking healthy water for our long term health. 


 I have now invested in a Kangen machine - it filters and ionizes my water, changing the PH of my drinking water to a high alkaline, which helps my body to naturally detoxify every day. On the plus side, is it also helps to prevent hangovers (some say it cures them!) if you stay hydrated with Kangen water during a night out.

fitness water