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Noreen, age 42, Mother of four

fitness water

Last September, I started suffering with severe pain in my abdomen and back. I couldn’t put any pressure on my back or abdomen without being in pain, which made sleeping really difficult.  As I have IBS, the doctor thought my large intestine was inflamed and I was eventually referred for a colonoscopy.


I considered myself quite fit and healthy - I eat a balanced diet, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink tea or coffee but I drank fizzy drinks (maybe 3 cans a day). I didn’t see this as a problem as I drank sugar free version (the healthy option) - or so I thought.


My friend, Kate, suggested I try Kangen water. I don't like water but she didn't take no for an answer and eventually I gave in! In February 2014, I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and instead, started drinking Kangen water. Within one week the pain in my back and abdomen had gone. I couldn’t believe it – and I had my first full night sleep in five months!

On the 24 April I had my colonoscopy appointment at the hospital. After the procedure, the doctor told me everything was fine - in fact, he said it was perfectly healthy and he wasn’t sure why I had been referred.  I explained I’d had IBS for 20 years, on and off.  The doctor asked if I had changed anything in my diet or lifestyle. I told him I had been drinking alkaline water for the last three months and within one week of drinking it my symptoms had gone. The doctor said he heard a lot of positive things about alkaline water and to keep doing what I'm doing!

I now have my own machine and have been symptom free for 10 months - now the whole family drink it too!

fitness water