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Ethel, Reiki master

fitness water

I am so glad to have purchased my Kangen water machine and I have felt the benefits almost immediately. I started to sleep much better, not bloated & had more energy! All my family now drink Kangen water and they who love it. I can see so many changes in their health (weight loss, skin improvements & general wellbieng)


I have several clients who suffer with Cancer, and after explaining the benefits of Kangen water, they started to drink it in order to alkaline their bodies. Now they tell me how wonderful the Kangen water makes them feel! Thank you Kate  for all your help and advice - we need to let more people know the benefits of drinking the water and having their own machine! Not many people know that whilst the machine can be bought outright, you also have the option to pay monthly.


As it says on the bottle, Change your water, Change your life – it’s certainly changed mine.

fitness water