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Carole, age 33, Mother of two

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My son was diagnosed with silent reflux at two weeks old. He was unsettled and uncomfortable during the day, especially after feeding. He woke frequently in the night and his longest period of sleep only lasted 4 hours.  For months, we tried many different medical and non medical remedies but nothing helped. To try to help ease his stomach pain I was advised by the medical profession to wean him early.


During the first few weeks I discovered alkaline foods, such as avocado, helped to sooth his tummy for a short time. I remembered an article I had seen on Facebook about alkaline water so I contacted Kate. This is how we discovered Kangen water. I can openly admit, when I first started to use Kangen water I was very skeptical. After all, I had tried many things over a number of months to try to give my son some relief, all to no avail. For the first few days we thought our son was doing ok, he seemed less agrivated and arched his back less. I didn't really believe it was the Kangen water making a difference -  until we ran out of Kangen water. In my words, all hell broke loose and my son screamed for 2 days while drinking bottles of tap water.


We tried other types of water - bottled water, spring water and even bottled alkaline water but they caused the same symptoms as tap water (arching of back, screaming and general tummy discomfort). Enough was enough - we ordered our own Kangen machine.


Within 3 weeks of my son drinking Kangen water fresh from our own machine, his reflux symptoms disappeared. Not long after, he started sleeping through the night. I can safely say we have never looked back. Many Kangen water sceptics say it’s a placebo affect. As far as I know, a 6 month old baby cannot understand the placebo affect! I thank our lucky stars we found Kangen water and now our whole family can enjoy its benefits.

fitness water