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Jess, 35, Fitness instructor

fitness water

We've had our Kangen machine for over 7 months now and as a family it's been the best investment we've made. For months I was reading about the health benefits of Alkaline water and wanted one for myself and my family. Also, being a group fitness instructor, I always needed to drink as much water as I could - but that wasn't always the case. Now, with the Kangen machine, I easily drink in excess of 2 litres a day without having to force it down.


I noticed the benefits instantly – increased energy and rehydration, no headaches or bouts of IBS (which I was very prone to) – it was so easy to drink the water.


My whole family, including my 2 young sons, drink Kangen water every day. We fill up our bottles for the day so we don't have to drink tap water or buy bottled water (the Kangen Fitness water site has produced many in depth articles on how toxic our own tap water is, not to mention the chemicals seeping into our bottled water).


We also have other benefits from our machine by using the Acid water for home cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing, and we use the beauty water on our skins for any rashes and skin complaints.

fitness water