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Leah, 25, Mother of three

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A year ago, if someone had told me that drinking water could change my life, I’d have taken no notice. My second born, Teddy, was the sickest child I knew. Nothing serious - just colds, chest infections, ear infections, cold sores, impetigo... you name it, he got it! In July 2012, Teddy contracted Scarlet Fever, followed by an eye infection two weeks later. The infection got so bad he was admitted to hospital to receive IV antibiotics. The condition was also treated with antiviral drops and ointment. Two months later, traces of the infection could still be seen and it was a full three months before he was clear.


In November 2013, Teddy got a bad case of tonsillitis followed closely by another severe eye infection which flared up and spread across his face within an hour. An eye specialist told us his immune system was low and the eye infection was a secondary infection (a result of him having such low immunity levels). I was devastated!


I’d heard about Kangen Water and its benefits but had never really given it a second thought until now. After a meeting with Kate, I was determined to improve the health of my son and ordered a machine the very same day.  As well as using the same antiviral products as previous, I also sprayed the infection with acid water (ph 2.5) from the Kangen machine several times an hour. The results were UNBELIEVABLE. The same infection that had taken 3 months to clear was gone within a week!


As a family, we now drink Kangen Water every day and five months down the line Teddy is a different boy. He hasn’t had a single trip to the doctors, no cold sores or a day off school sick!

Water can, and has, changed my life!

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